JG Koratzanis

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JG Koratzanis

is the author of dark domestic thrillers, mysteries, and psychological suspense. His Victim of Fate series has already enjoyed thousands of downloads and tens of thousands of pages read since June 2018!

With an extensive background in graphic storytelling, JG has a unique voice that shines through the darkest recesses of his novels. Injecting personal challenges and innate curiosities, his stories represent the darker side of life, love, and the possibilities of what lies in the unknown.

The Estranged

The Accursed

Victim of Fate II

A dying artist. A life flashing by. Can he turn tragedy into redemption?

Chase Romano's life is slipping away. Bleeding out in a dark alley in Brooklyn, the 28-year-old flashes on the violent upbringing that shaped his destiny. But as he fades in and out of consciousness, he seizes on the idea that there may be time left to change his fate.

The Condemned

Victim of Fate III

A mind trapped in hell. A life held in judgment. And an intent to destroy.

Chase got much more than he bargained for that fateful night in the alley. Because of his life’s choices, a malevolent force offers one last chance at redemption.

The Wicked

Victim of Fate IV

A hope returned. A fight for survival. And an unrivaled vengeance.

Will Heather Andreasen have what it takes to save Chase?

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