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JG Koratzanis was born in Brooklyn, NY. Having grown up in Staten Island, he spent an amazing amount of time exploring his surroundings, finding creepy shanties and discarded personal items in the middle of the woods while enjoying movies like Friday the 13th. Indeed, his childhood was somewhat imaginative.

During his high-school years, his tastes for horror, sci-fi, and psychological thrillers nurtured his creative side as he penned and illustrated several comic books and wrote and performed music.

In 2015, JG was working on the idea for a comic book series titled Repentant. After many starts and stops, his outline grew longer than expected, and his wife suggested for him to write his first novel (something he always considered).

Eventually, Repentant became The Accursed, The Estranged, and The Condemned, the first three books of the Victim of Fate series.

He lives near the Jersey Shore with his wife, kids and Jerry the Dog.

Reader Reviews

Jenna Brewster – Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I’m a huge fan of psychological thrillers and dark, edgy literature and read these genres all the time. Unfortunately, after a while many of them start to feel the same, like many authors (especially new ones) are using the same recycled plot over and over again, or worse, have nothing to say that even makes you think outside the box at all (the whole point of a psych thriller). But I like trying out new authors and thought the premise of The Accursed by J. G. Koratzanis sounded interesting, and I liked that it featured a ‘near death’ angle and the examination of life lived and different scenarios. Reminds me of “Butterfly Effect” (the movie) in a way – but different. But while I fully admit I didn’t have the highest expectations going in…well, by the end I was impressed! I read Accursed almost in one sitting (much to my own amazement). J.G. is a natural writer -- much more ‘literary’ and descriptive (wordy) than a typical ‘thriller’, and I was impressed by the way he weaved so many interesting characters and twisted their storylines together to create a wholly addicting – albeit very strange— story that I just had to see what would happen and how it would play out. I was little frustrated with the ending – not a fan of mid-scene cliffhangers when the next one is not available yet, but the bonus reading with Heather was cool, and there are more books in store. There’s a lot of language and adult situations so for mature readers only. Needs better editing – especially in the beginning where there is no distinction of the direct thoughts and third-person narrative so it gets confusing. But it is a wild and shocking ride that I enjoyed much more than I anticipated I would. Recommend for mature fans of psychological, surreal suspense.

Laura Clarke – Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

Wow, what did I just read? Almost non-stop drama and an original, constantly changing plot kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The writing was very evocative, the way he artfully paints the most mundane events that makes it sound so intricate (like peeing his pants, lol). Some readers who yearn for a snappy quick pace with tight word economy might not take well to this one as it is more of a slow burn, to a simmer and building to an explosion rather than shooting gangbusters right off the bat. Terrific mix of authentic, flawed (and downright crazy!) characters infused with a compelling storyline that is fitting for the genre, but feels fresh – makes it feel that much more believable (enough.) True, it is perched on the edge of incredulity wit the setup, but its all connected in a way that makes sense. Complex, layered and unpredictable right up to last page, which will make you wish the next book was ready already (cliffhanger alert!). It could use more editing – punctuation and random capitals – some chit-chat and filler scenes. But overall a memorable and mind-bending experience. I think JG Koratzanis is an author to watch for in the future, and recommend for adult fans of psychological suspense and literary thrillers.

Gillian Hancock – Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

The Accursed grabbed me from the opening pages and didn’t let go until the very end. It is rare to find a book that keeps my attention all the way through, but this one did. I was totally caught up in the whirlwind of events (admittedly almost too whirlwindy at times), and enjoyed experiencing the various aspects past and present of Chase’s life and all he was going through and Nothing lights my fire more than dark and disturbing twists and sinister character development…and Accursed did not disappoint!(no spoilers) If I had only one minor problem was that it was a tad hard to follow at some parts because it almost seemed too convoluted at certain times and I thought some key events or revelations were almost glossed over and lost some emotional impact. There was a fair amount of “telling” narrative and time jumps that weren’t always clear, ad some scenes that I think would have been better pared down some. But I literally could not put down my Kindle during the last 30% or so and that ending is totally nuts. Well, not the ‘ending’ as it technically stops right in the middle of an intense scene, but this is just the first in the series (“Victim of Fate”) and there will be more to come soon (hopefully!) There is some bonus reading available so don’t stop when the main story does. Recommend to fans of the suspense/ thriller genre…heck, for anyone who just enjoys a unique, complex and darkly entertaining read! Note there is a lot of adult language and scenes of violence so this is more for the 18+ crowd.


A dying artist. A life flashing by. Can he turn tragedy into redemption?

Chase Romano's life is slipping away. Bleeding out in a dark Brooklyn alleyway, the 28-year-old flashes on the violent upbringing that shaped his destiny. But as he fades in and out of consciousness, he seizes on the idea that there may be time left to change his fate…

As his body battles for survival, he sees the poor choices that turned him from a starving artist to a mafia bagman. Desperate to embrace a second chance and the one who got away, Chase fights back against the encroaching darkness.

Will Chase hang onto life or will his torment take him over the edge?

The Accursed is the first book in the gripping Victim of Fate dark psychological thriller series. If you like tortured souls, complex storylines, and page-turning tension, then you’ll love JG Koratzanis’s nail-biting tale.

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When love becomes madness, can anyone escape?

Heather Andreasen found her soulmate in Chase Romano. But when the man who seemed to complete her fell into spiraling depression and paranoia, she had to run - to do anything to get away.

Tortured by guilt, Heather’s life descends into a dizzying array of one-night-stands and broken promises, her pain numbed by drugs and alcohol.

When she meets Douglas Baggio, there’s a glimmer of hope. Until his attention turns to obsession. Then Heather’s world begins to close in around her as she finds herself hunted by not just one obsessive stalker – but two.

A dark design lies behind Heather's descent into chaos. But once she learns the truth, can anything, or anyone protect her? The Estranged is the second book in a series of psychological thrillers by JG Koratzanis. If you like fast-paced suspense, gritty urban settings and an unflinching exploration of society’s darkest secrets, then you’ll love the latest installment of this electrifying series.

The Estranged follows Heather's story from the pages of The Accursed after she and Chase called it quits. A definite must read!

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Chase Romano got much more than he bargained for that fateful night in the alley. But because his life’s choices were influenced by a malevolent force beyond his control, he is offered one last chance at redemption. Throughout his ordeals, Chase battles the demons of his past, the hatred for those that used and abused him, and the misery for the ones he hurt. Especially Heather.

Heather Andreasen, Chase’s former lover, stands trial after the involuntary manslaughter of a deranged prowler who abducted and tortured her for several days. Unfortunately, she discovers that her stalker wasn’t alone as her life continues to spiral out of control once more. After losing her job, her friends, and her sanity, a permanent answer to a temporary question emerges in her tortured mind.

Edison Rowley, the mysterious figure driven by revenge that plagues Chase with the nightmares and suffering of the abyss, vows to destroy Heather and Chase at all costs. With the help of Grace Whitmore, his fiendish plans unfold before within the horrors of life and death.

Do the Condemned deserve a final chance at redemption? As Chase speeds towards an uncertain end, will he save himself or make the ultimate sacrifice to save the woman he loves?

The Condemned is the second book in the Victim of Fate series which begins immediately where The Accursed and The Estranged leave off. If you enjoy complex, mind-bending suspense, don’t miss JG Koratzanis’ thrilling continuation of this dark psychological thriller.

Available only on Amazon.

The Wicked — COMING SOON

The third book of the series, The Wicked, Heather and Chase attempt to piece together the fragments of their lives as they discover the evil intent that continues to claim them.

The Fallen — COMING SOON

From the pages of The Accursed comes the story of Misa Hess. This is a can't miss novel in the Victim of Fate series!

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